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The Nubix Device Edge Orchestration Solution

Nubix Architecture.png

Our solution isolates application containers on top of a common abstraction runtime that's uniquely optimized for MCU-based devices.  Build once, deploy anywhere, rapidly integrate and update partner technology without compiling source code, and benefit from trusted, fractional in-field updates, remote debugging and more.

Nubix delivers an industry-first device edge orchestration solution, enabling developers to easily

build, deploy, manage and secure containerized applications on MCU-based edge devices at scale.



Key Components

Instantiations of application images that provide isolation between executing code and the Nubix Runtime that abstracts the underlying platform hardware. Nubix Containers follow OCI principles as much as possible while being optimized to consume only kilobytes of memory so they can run on highly-constrained MCUs.

On-device managed execution environment for Nubix Containers that provides proper isolation and access to hardware resources. Includes a supervisory service that works with the Nubix Orchestration Hub for managing device operations such as downloading and validating images, updating firmware, and managing the bootloader.


UI and CLI for remotely deploying, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting edge devices and applications. Container updates can be pushed to individual devices, or to fleets of devices via campaigns. Use the Nubix console, or integrate the underlying orchestration APIs with your own front end.

Key Benefits


  • Consistent and well-abstracted platform target

  • Modular, microservice-based architectural approach

  • Improved security through container isolation

  • Flexibility to code in language / tech stack of choice

  • Test and simulation infrastructure


  • Remote management of fleets of devices and apps at scale

  • Reliable and secure remote updates

  • Fractional updates for lower risk and bits across the wire

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting


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