Tiny Services

Pre-Programmed Code Blocks

Nubix's tiny services are pre-programmed code blocks for commonly needed functionality.

Tiny Services Include...

  • Sensors and Controls

  • Analytics

  • Data Management

These pre-programmed tiny services can be easily added to applications using the Nubix Orchestration Hub's drag-and-drop pipeline builder. The tiny services and other code are packaged up as containers for deployment.


Sensors & Controls

Nubix provides the ability to easily integrate with sensors and controls that are common in IoT applications.

Nubix has out-of-the-box support for for the following sensors and controls:


  • ADS105 Analog/Digital Converter

  • ADXL345 Accelerometer

  • BME280 Temperature Sensor

  • GPIO Read

  • GPIO Write

  • HT16K33 LED Controller

  • SGP30 Gas Sensor

  • Signal Generator (sine, sawtooth, and random waves)

  • Timer

The list of supported sensors and controls is rapidly growing. If you don't see your device(s) listed here, don't worry, there is a way to add custom devices. Contact us at and we can tell you if we are already working on your device or help you add it.



Once you pick up sensor readings or other data, what can you do with it? Nubix provides pre-packaged analytics that you can use to process your data. Also, you can develop your own custom code to process the data. Custom code is a great way to integrate ML algorithms! 

Nubix has out-of-the-box support for the following analytics:

  • CMA (Cumulative Moving Average)

  • EWMA (Exponentially-Weighted Moving Average)

  • SMA (Simple Moving Average)

  • WMA (Weighted Moving Average)

  • Custom Code

As with Sensors and Controls, this list is growing rapidly. In addition to building your own analytics, you can easily integrate open source libraries into Nubix, so there is a huge library of analytics available to you even if they aren't pre-packaged. Visit the Nubix DevCenter to learn how.


Data Management

Data management is a critical component of any application, but especially IoT and other edge applications where network connectivity may be intermittent and local storage may be limited.

Nubix provides out-of-the-box tiny services for both managing data on local devices and interacting with off-device storage mechanisms:

  • Coalesce 

  • Durable Coalesce

  • Downsample

  • Durable Downsample

  • Durable Ring Buffer (for store-and-forward)

  • Internal time-series storage -- read and write 

  • External databases -- read and write for Postgres, Influx, and more