Tiny Containers

What is a Tiny Container?


Tiny containers are exactly that – containers that are so tiny that they can run on tiny microcontrollers. Nubix's tiny containers are different than Linux container technologies, like Docker, in a few ways.

Nubix Containers...

  • Are 1/100 the size of Docker, or smaller! When you are installing software on tiny devices that may have only KBs of memory, not MBs, let alone GBs, being tiny matters

  • Are architected to run on non-Linux operating systems. The tiny microcontrollers used for IoT devices often don't run Linux, so Linux based containers aren't even an option

  • Have out-of-the-box support for I2C and other buses that are uncommon on Linux platforms, which are often used to interface with sensors and other low-level devices


Tiny Container Architecture


The tiny container architecture provides a rapid deployment capability, which makes it easy to upgrade the code executing on devices while lowering the risk associated with updates. 

The Nubix Container-Runtime is installed once and serves as a stable base for future container deployments. The Nubix container architecture includes a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) to facilitate the ability to develop once and deploy anywhere.