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Tiny (but Powerful) Services


Nubix's services are pre-programmed code blocks for commonly needed functionality. These pre-programmed tiny services can be easily added to applications using the Nubix Orchestration Hub's drag-and-drop pipeline builder. The tiny (but powerful) services and other code are packaged up as containers for deployment.


The Nubix Edge-Native Application Platform


Nubix is designed for developers to easily build, deploy and manage applications on constrained device at the farthest edge for IoT.




Tiny Containers


Our containers are so tiny they can run on Cortex-M microcontrollers.


MCUs require the Nubix Runtime to be installed, which serves as a stable base for future container deployments.


The creation and deployment of containers happens in the Orchestration Hub, the cloud-based IoT developer environment.


Nubix Orchestration Hub


The cloud-based Nubix Orchestration Hub is the central home for application development and deployment in Nubix.


The Orchestration Hub allows developers to:

  • Develop Services

  • Create and Deploy Containers

  • Manage and monitor fleets of devices

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