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Nubix Appoints Jason Shepherd as CEO

A Message from Nubix’s Board of Directors We are pleased to announce that Jason Shepherd has been appointed as the new CEO of Nubix. Jason has succeeded Rachel Taylor who has transitioned to a new role but will continue to be involved as an advisor.

Jason is widely-recognized as a thought leader in edge computing and IoT, having spent a third of his twenty-five year career in the space. He has held various executive leadership roles spanning R&D to sales and commercialization, delivering edge and IoT solutions to customers in verticals such as manufacturing, energy, smart buildings, retail and transportation. Prior to joining Nubix, Jason was VP of Ecosystem at the edge orchestration company ZEDEDA and he previously served as CTO for Dell Technologies’ Edge and IoT business. He has a strong track record of fostering open source communities and industry standards, as exemplified by his work spearheading projects such as EdgeX Foundry and Alvarium in the Linux Foundation. He holds over 40 granted and pending US patents. “We’re thrilled to have Jason on board and look forward to the Nubix team continuing to innovate as they modernize how constrained devices are developed, deployed, managed and secured at scale.” said Michael Berolzheimer of Bee Partners, investor and board member. “Jason brings a wealth of experience and relationships in the edge and IoT markets.” said Josh Silber of Tuscan Management, investor and board member. “We’re bullish about the future of the company under his leadership.” In addition to Jason, Nubix has recently made other key hires including Stephen Berard as CTO and Brian Dunlay as lead engineer. The team has commercialized the Nubix platform to further simplify how developers build and deploy faster, smaller, and more secure applications on constrained edge devices. Nubix is actively working with customers, expanding the company’s developer program and building an ecosystem of hardware, applications and partners.

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