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Momenta Podcast #144: Rachel Taylor, CEO and Edge-Native

In this week’s podcast, Ken Forster of Momenta interviews Rachel Taylor, CEO of Nubix, an Edge-Native Application Platform that makes it easy to build, deploy and manage applications on the tiniest of edge devices for industrial IoT.

Rachel is a passionate operational executive with more than 20 years of enterprise infrastructure technology experience. She has held numerous leadership roles at leading tech companies where she's helped build great teams to achieve operational excellence as well as various liquidity events, including Cloudera, Meraki, Peakstream, Riverbed, and VMware. Prior to Nubix, Rachel was the chief operating officer at Rocana, focused on securing funding, and scaling the organization.

Some of the discussion points in this interview:

  • What would you consider to be your digital thread?

  • You joined several other Cloudera executives to form Rocana in 2014, serving as their COO. What did Rocana do and what did you learn as part of its leadership team?

  • In 2017 you joined Nubix and are now serving as their CEO. What problem did you set out to solve?

  • What have been some of your key use cases and wins?

  • How do you have to think about edge computing differently when you're designing for the Industrial IoT?

  • What has surprised you most about working in the Industrial IoT (or what we like to call Digital Industry)?

What inspires Rachel:

  • Rachel is a veracious audible reader, and her playlist is everything from organizational development and people management…her number one place that she looks for help; sorting through, making choices, and understanding how to approach things.

  • Rachels' Advice: Find smart people who will look at the world in a really smart way, be willing to take feedback and be wrong, listen, and do a lot more listening than talking.

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