Orchestration Hub

Pipelines and Containers


Pipelines are created in the Nubix Orchestration Hub using a drag-and-drop interface. Components are selected from the palette and a sequence for a data flow is created. 

In the above example, in the first stage of the pipeline data is collected from an ADXL345 accelerometer. The second stage is a custom code block that performs a shock detection algorithm. In the third and final stage, the GPIO Write capability is used to turn on an LED based on the value computed in the Shock Detection Stage.

The pipeline, with its custom code for shock detection, would then be packaged as a container for deployment. 


The diagram below shows a simple pipeline:

The Orchestration Hub allows developers to

  • Develop Pipelines

  • Create and Deploy Containers

  • Administer Deployments

Pipelines are the key concept for developers and are used to collect, analyze, and manage data. Pipelines are then packaged into containers for deployment.

App Development and Deployment


The Nubix Orchestration Hub is the central home for application development and deployment in Nubix.