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Why Nubix aims to bring containers to the edge

Stacey on IOT

Stacey Higginbotham

Nubix raises seed funding for tiny container development


Michael Vizard

Nubix Raises $2.7M To Bring Containers To Tiny IoT Devices


Dylan Martin

Nubix Secures $2.7M in Seed Funding to Meet Growing Demand for Edge-Native Applications


Press Release

Women in Tech: Profile of Rachel Taylor, CEO,


Chris Stewart

2020 DevOps Technology Award Winners - Most Innovative Container Solution

TechAscension Awards

TechAscension Recognized by the 2020 Tech Ascension Awards as the Most Innovative Container Solution


Press Release

Expert Predictions for 2020 Part 5: Evolution of Engineering

Embedded Computing Design

Perry Cohen

Expert Predictions for 2020 Part 3: 5G

Embedded Computing Design

Perry Cohen

Expert Predictions for 2020 Part 1: IoT at the Edge

Embedded Computing Design

Perry Cohen

Nubix Makes Tiny Containers for Edge Processing

The New Stack

Susan Hall

What's Holding Back Edge Analytics

The New Stack

Rachel Taylor

Ubuntu 19.10 on the edge: Raspberry Pi support and MicroK8s


Eric Brown

Tiny Containers for IoT in New Developer Edition


Richard Seeley

Nubix Edge-Native Tiny Containers for IoT Apps Released for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone SBCs

CNX Software

Jean-Luc Aufranc

Tiny Edge-Container Platform Targets BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi


Eric Brown

Embedded Executive: Tom Yates, VP Products,

Embedded Computing Design

Rich Nass

Nubix Shrinks Containers to Fit Edge, IoT Limitations

SDX Central

Dan Mayer, Editor-in-Chief Launches a Developer Edition of Its Edge-Native Tiny Containers

SD Times

Christina Cardoza

Nubix Adds Developer Edition for Container Edge Platform

Container Journal

Mike Vizard

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