Our Vision

We envision a world where intelligence can run everywhere ‒ with smart systems automating prediction and prevention to drive change.


We're on a mission to help people and machines make smarter decisions faster, by integrating analytics and machine learning into business processes.


Executive Team

Rachel Taylor CEO

Rachel Taylor is a passionate operational executive with more than 20 years of enterprise infrastructure technology experience. Rachel has held numerous leadership roles at leading tech companies where she's helped build great teams to achieve operational excellence including: Cloudera, Meraki (acquired by Cisco), Clearslide (acquired by Corel Corp), Peakstream (acquired by Google), Riverbed, and VMware. 

Prior to Nubix, Rachel was chief operating officer at Rocana, focused on securing funding and scaling the organization.

Mike Gray VP Engineering

MIke Gray has more than 20 years of software development experience in systems programming, microservices, and the design and deployment of distributed systems. Mike has led software architecture and engineering teams at several startups including Netscape Communications Corp., AvantGo (IPO and later acquisition by Sybase), KACE Networks (acquired by Dell, Inc.), LARC Networks, and Attic Labs (acquired by Salesforce.com).

Prior to Nubix, Mike was a software architect at Attic Labs and has over 25 patents in system management, systems deployment, and distributed system engineering processes.

Tom Yates ‒ VP Products

Tom Yates has been involved with enterprise software for 20+ years.  Originally a developer of databases and transaction processing systems, Tom segued into technical sales before settling into strategy and planning.   Tom has managed both marketing and engineering teams at different times, leading several companies thru periods of sustained growth and into acquisitions.

Prior to Nubix, Tom led marketing efforts at Rocana. Also, Tom spent a short stint at an industrial lighting company, starting his foray into edge computing and IoT. 


Investors and Advisors

Michael Berolzheimer ‒ Bee Partners

Known for his empathy, Michael Berolzheimer focuses on bringing the right resources to companies such as BuildingConnected and Skycatch, to produce lasting companies and meaningful change. Bee Partners has great depth of experience in infrastructure and analytics, having invested in TubeMogul, Voltaiq, Iris Automation, Identify3D, and more.

Semil Shah ‒ Haystack

For Semil Shahinvesting in early-stage start-ups is an obsession. Whether through his original fund, Haystack, or his new role with Lightspeed Venture Partners, Semil's investments cover a broad range of transformational technologies. Investments include Instacart, Cobalt Robotics, People.ai, Datos, and Doordash. Semil has also published articles with Harvard Business Review and is a frequent contributor on TechCrunch.

Josh Silber  Tuscan Management

Josh Silber is an experienced investor whose fund has a diverse portfolio of technology and non-technology clients. He enjoys mentoring founders and helping to develop and operationalize sales strategies and put the right systems in place to manage growth.


Our Culture

The Nu Crew is passionate about helping organizations harness the computing power of their infrastructures. We are a team of dedicated professionals who value analytical thinking, strive to deliver against aggressive goals, and are willing to take risks and overcome failure.


At Nubix, our employees live and work where they want, and manage the right work/life balance for themselves. We take pride in our team’s accomplishments, and we actively seek out talented team players who share our values: be helpful and polite, and treat others as you would like to be treated.



We're solving a large, emerging problem with distinctive technology  edge analytics and metrics ingest at scale  and we're doing it with an organization built for collaboration and team sensibility. 

At the core of our culture is a virtual corporation, and a cutting-edge, family-friendly, self-directed work-from-home lifestyle culture for optimal productivity, flexibility, and happiness.

If you are smart and passionate about helping others, take pride in your team’s accomplishments, are willing to take risks and overcome failure, and are enthusiastic about taking part in our industry-altering mission, we want to talk to you about joining the Nubix team!


Email your resume to careers@nubix.io.


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