Rethink Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Edge-native applications can increase
safety, security, and agility

A Purpose-Built, Edge-Native Approach


Nubix delivers the leading edge-native application platform for companies to easily build, deploy and manage constrained device applications at the industrial IoT edge.


Uniquely designed for the criteria of constrained devices while leveraging cloud-like development principles, Nubix delivers

a step-change in agility, intelligence and security across the industrial value chain.

Intelligence and Agility Meet IIoT


There are hundreds of billions of microcontrollers (MCUs) at the industrial edge which are rigid to innovation and risky to update...until now. For companies in manufacturing, supply chain, natural resources, utilities or transportation industries, the potential for greater innovation at the edge is enormous. Achieve alignment between IT and OT in this compute-constrained, data-heavy world.

Bringing Value Across the Industrial Value Chain

Sensor Makers and Asset OEMs


Improve device optimization and bring greater intelligence to where data is created spanning individual devices to fleets of devices and ecosystems.

“We can’t make custom firmware as that would require a new production build so we have to keep things simple. We would love to have the same cloud development experience and agility with devices.”

–Product Development / Co-Founder

IoT, Digital and Data Leaders


Drive digital transformation projects that need to bring remote facilities, supply chain, and operations into the larger connected enterprise strategy.

“Instead of sending people onsite to investigate, we can simply deploy a container with many diagnostic routines, collect the data for analysis, then remove it without affecting the base firmware or operation of the drives.”

VP Digital Innovation

Solutions Providers


Accelerate application development, gain greater agility over systems maintenance, and easily deliver new AI/ML models to edge devices.

“Our biggest issue is the deployment of updates to the industrial edge. We spend way too many cycles on device security. We need faster deployment and a better way to audit this.”